Yo My Goodness – Malvern

Yo My Goodness is the first self-serve yoghurt place to come to the busy shopping strip of Glenferrie road, Malvern. Much like many others, Yo My Goodness have gone for clean white interiors with pale, wooden three-legged stools and round tables. I first heard of Yo My Goodness (YOMG) after friends had visited their Mornington store a couple of months ago. I was pretty happy to see them come to Malvern – saves me travelling so far to get some delicious yoghurt!


It’s a relatively small store, but it makes the most of its space, and has several benches running along the walls, in addition to their tables.

The Yoghurt

When Steve and I popped in today, only 7 of their 8 flavours were working, but it wouldn’t have been one of my choices so I was ok with that!

Their regular 8 flavours are

  • original tart
  • chocolate
  • soy chai
  • mixed berry
  • salted caramel
  • lemon & ginger
  • coconut
  • mango flavours

All flavours are gluten free, and are made with Farmers Union yoghurt and Jonesy’s Milk. I was impressed by the inclusion of Jonesy’s Milk at YOMG as they are well known for striving for a good price for their dairy farmers. I’ve been known to go out of my way to get their milk if I can, so having it at YOMG was a bonus.

Original Tart is sugar free, the others aren’t, and they don’t have the vegan option that Yo-Chi do.

As we stood there looking at their flavours, we were approached by a friendly server who offered to get us tasters. We sampled the Lemon and Ginger as it was a first to see it at a FroYo place. Oh. My. Goodness. It was amazing.

The Toppings

YOMG strive for freshness and Australian made produce, and this is reflected in their toppings bar. They favour the healthy toppings; fruits, nuts and granola feature heavily, and while chocolate is there, it is kept to a minimum. They also heavily feature “super foods” in their toppings: chia seeds, goji berries etc.


There is a slightly smaller number of toppings featured at YOMG, compared to Frozen or Yo-Chi. 30 toppings in total, when Frozen for example, goes close to 40. This isn’t a bad thing, as they had all the toppings I wanted. Steve was happy to see two types of those popping ball ‘pearl’ things, lychee and blueberry. The Granola on offer is made by Illewara, and is one of my favourite commercial Granolas on the market.


What I (and Steve) Picked

After sampling the Lemon and Ginger,  I immediately loaded my cup with it. I then added some Original Tart. The server had suggested that adding lemon curd and crumble toppings to the Lemon and Ginger yoghurt makes it just like a cheesecake, and so I was keen to replicate that. I also added some strawberries, raspberry coulis, granola and coconut.


Steve went with Salted Caramel and Coconut yoghurts and topped it with chia seeds, turkish delight, both kinds of popping balls, flaked almonds and shaved coconut


The Cost.

YOMG are the cheapest I’ve reviewed at $2.80 per 100g. Our two tubs cost just under $13, mine weighing 240g, Steve’s 275g.


There is none. Not available in store or on their website, which is disappointing.

Taste and Verdict.

The yoghurt is very solid and thick, and not in a bad way. It comes out very easily, and the consistency is great. The Lemon and Ginger is very lemony, and not very gingery. And the server was right, it was great topped with the lemon curd and something crunchy. The Original Tart lacked a real tartness to it, but was delicious. Steve really liked the coconut flavoured yoghurt he had, much more than the vegan one now on offer at Yo-Chi but found the salted caramel flavour perhaps too subtle, rather than a hit you in the face flavour (he compared it to Yo-Chi’s Salted Butterscotch flavour).

What we both agreed on was that the yoghurt was one of the first to taste like …yoghurt, rather than soft serve or something else. This gave the illusion of it seeming quite healthy, and really lets the toppings shine as well. I also really liked the firmness of the yoghurt, it sat in the containers well and didn’t melt into a puddle before you had finished eating. The staff were exceptionally friendly, not only giving us generous samples of the yoghurt, but also a chocolate pretzel, which was lovely.



Great yoghurt, that could have more flavour in the salted caramel and tartness in the Original Tart, with great healthy toppings and great service

Yo My Goodness

206 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern

open 7 days   11am-late

YOMG - Yo My Goodness on Urbanspoon


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